Frequently Asked Questions  

Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What is the goal of Wrecks to Racers?

The purpose of  Wrecks to Racers exist to provide the road racing community a source for late model motorcycle which to build a competitive racing machine. Weather it's  Moto America, Club level or a track day rider the goal is always the same. Be on the best most competitive equipment you can be on. 

2 - Where do you get your motorcycle from?

The majority of our motorcycles are purchased from insurance companies that have paid a claim out on the vehicle. 

3 - Can you ship a motorcycle to me?

Yes we ship motorcycles to all 4 corners of the country at shipping rates that incredibly reasonable.  

4 - Do you finance motorcycles?

No we do not finance motorcycles at Wrecks to Racers.

5 - Can I get financing for one of your motorcycles?

Most major lending institutions will not finance a rebuilt title or salvage title vehicle. There have been several customers that have been successful in obtaining loans from Navy Federal and USAA on rebuilt title vehicles. 

6 - Can I buy a motorcycle from you and register it for the road?

All salvage titled vehicles must pass through the State Salvage inspection before being legally operated on public roads. There are several States that will allow you to title and tag a salvage titled vehicle.

7 - Do you support racers with sponsorship or rider support?

Yes Wrecks to Racers was born with a vision and a love for Motorcyle Road Racing and exist to grow the sport. Sponsorship is considered individually depending on the race program. Weather it be Road Racing, Drag Racing or Professional Stunt riders we are welcome to inquire.